• Algarve Kayak.
    Kayak Expedition with Algarve Kayak.
  • Algarve Kayak.
    Kayak Expedition with Algarve Kayak.
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A WORLD CLASS KAYAKING DESTINATION, for the first time, available for you to fly in and sea kayak for a week. Many people travel to Algarve for the sun and beaches, but now this wonderful sea kayaking destination can be experienced when you paddle with Algarve Kayak Expeditions from Sagres to Armação de Pera. 

Algarve is the name of the south coast of Portugal protected from the cold wind from the north. Algarve has a Mediterranean climate with a long series of sandy beaches extending from the border with Spain on the eastern end until Cape St. Vincent on the western end interspersed with cliffs and wind eroded caves. In the villages and countryside, one can still perceive the 500-year Muslim occupation of these very fertile lands. Olives, figs, almonds, oranges, and grapes are still important products. Everything included in the low price except personal expenses. See FAQ for details.

“Given your own contributions of commentary on history, local culture, and the remarkable places you’ve found for people to stay over and dine, what you offer could be described as a work of art.” Haydon, Virginia, USA.

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We always practice Sustainable Tourism and we are very proud to always focus our trips on wellness with a serious social dedication. Algarve Kayak Expeditions aims to provide authentic experiences of the highest quality so don’t expect formal dinners with a hundred others listening to folk music.

Family and closed team-building groups. We offer a wonderful opportunity for far-flung families and affinity groups to spend quality time together. These groups are looking to create long-lasting memories and we can provide a perfect setting. These trips are tailor-made for each group and can vary from soft to hard. Please consult us as long as possible in advance for these special opportunities.

We also offer two expeditions on the Douro River www.dourokayak.com plus this one-week paddle on the Algarve. 

All our Algarve tours are limited to only 10 plus guides. We feel this provides optimum possibilities to form a compact group and provide the best experience. Please refer to our FAQ and the Itinerary for more detailed information. Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

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