About us

Jack Atkinson

Jack has been the instigator and driving force behind both Douro and Algarve Kayak Expeditions. After having lived and worked in several parts of the world, Jack settled in the Iberian Peninsula more than 45 years ago and has been an English teacher, language school owner and sea kayak guide during this time. Jack teamed up with Rui Calado several years ago and to this day thay don't have a written contract. Each knows his job and does it. 

Rui Calado

Rui is the foremost Portuguese authority on kayaking. Rui has paddled the entire Portuguese coastline. Rui has also paddled more than 120 rivers in Europe, Asia and North and South America and has dedicated his life to kayaking in many facets including kayak design. Between Rui and Jack they have logged more kayaking on the Douro River than anyone else and they know both the Douro River as well as the Algarve after this extensive contact. Rui is the main guide on all our Algarve tours.

Algarve Kayak Expeditions

Algarve Kayak Expeditions organizes expeditions on the Algarve and is a joint venture led by Jack Atkinson and Rui Calado. Here we combine the experience of Jack and Rui as well as the know-how of Douro Kayak and Portugal Kayak. Jack handles the marketing and web site and Rui takes care of the logistics, kit, drivers and guides.

Douro Kayak Expeditions

Douro Kayak Expeditions, organizes expeditions on the Douro River. Our expeditions differ in several ways from other trips on the same river. Ours are the only ones that can do the whole 209 Km of the river as it crosses Portugal and we are the only ones who can go through all the locks. We limit our Expeditionary members to 12 and 3 guides. Clearly this kind of close attention is not available in larger groups. We have groups in May, June and September. We are also available for private closed groups at any time of the year.

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